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Discover the Power in Divine Relationships

This book is a love story. It's a true tale about God's unfolding Good Will in the lives of believers and how He uses people to bring forth His Work in the earth.

Packed with humor, testimony, and practical insight, 100 Lessons From My Spiritual Father is a must read for everyone who treasures Divine Connections on a spiritual journey. Ideal for Pastors, Leaders, and Lay ministers or anyone who appreciates the beautiful feet of men and women of God who teach and model the Way of Christ.

About the Author

Michael T. Smith is a storyteller.  He writes and speaks on subjects near and dear to his heart including relationships, race & racism, married sex, Christian doctrine, and the beauty of childhood. Michael works side by side with his wife and bestie-of-besties, Connie.  They live in Atlanta with their two children, Olivia and Michael, II.

100 Lessons From My Spiritual Father  - Volume I (Lessons 1-25)









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